Three Proven Ways to Earn a Six-Figure Monthly Writing Income

If the ideal monetization of writing is a goal, collections of creative fictions may not be the best choice in Nigerian society – or perhaps anywhere else. All types of writing are excellent, but when it comes to making money, art is never equal. Many writers aspire to earn a six-figure monthly income from their writing.

That is an unmistakable fact. Don’t forget to read the rest of 501 Words’ articles. Allow me to provide you with an atlas of it.

With this in mind, it is a fact that almost anyone, no matter how clumsy, could pick up a pen and write something about travel, pets, memories, and poems. Making money from writing is purely a business decision that must take into account factors such as time, geography, and demand.

So, if your writings haven’t received enough attention (because the vast majority believe they could do it themselves), here are some proven writing goldmines to consider in the digital age. It’s amazing to see how they’ve (and continue to) turned writers into multi-millionaires.

As a writer, you can earn six figures per month.

This simple list isn’t about possibilities; it’s about tried-and-true hacks. If you want to start earning money as a writer, make the best decision you can right now.

1. Content for the web (freelance writing)

And, without a doubt, content determines the success of everything that exists on the internet. The Internet has replaced the traditional home.

I can’t begin to count the number of websites that provide interface platforms for freelance writers and potential clients – who are willing to pay handsomely for hired services, even up to six figures per month. Content writing freelancers have limitless opportunities for this reason and many others.

A professional website is the cornerstone of successful freelancing, according to all bloggers. Even better, a personal blog is a key component of this success. It provides you with a writer platform as well as a necessary portfolio for a successful freelancing writing career.

You can also use software such as Grammarly with Microsoft Word or any other writing tool to avoid making mistakes in your writing. It was recently reviewed by us. There is a free trial period, after which you must pay for their services. Learn how to use Grammarly Premium Free in three different ways.

Learn, put it into practice, and watch as your bank account soars into the six-figure range each month. But, before you jump to any conclusions, consider the following tips on how to create high-impact content.

For a complete list, go here. Alternatively, you can go for the smartest ones I’ve compiled for you. What is the content?

2. Copywriting for SEO

SEO writing differs from other types of writing. Because SEO articles are also web ingredients, a similarity between them and other web contents can be assumed. SEO articles, on the other hand, have a lot of distinguishing characteristics.

What exactly is SEO writing?

â€Search Engine Optimization,†as the name implies, is the process of putting a website at the top of a search engine results page with the immediate goal of attracting more online visitors by using content as bait. According to, SEO writing is a type of writing that aids in the visibility of websites in major search engines such as Google and Bing.

So, what exactly is the big deal?

There has been a burgeoning market for writers who can popularize businesses online, increase their sales, and increase their profits. The number of accolades you receive – after the handsome monthly payment – from a high-profile team of Managing Directors who, naturally, take pleasure in bullying their employees – is the most amazing thing about doing this. Freelancing is such a game-changer!

Meanwhile, if you want these profits and accolades, you’ll have to learn how to write SEO-friendly articles and take the business more seriously.

3. Writing copy

As a writer, here’s another way to make money online. Are the alternatives listed above too serious?

Did you know that writing can earn you a lot of money? YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, with millions of Internet users swarming to it like bees.

Laughable. I’m inviting you to write a script. You are a part of their donor base as a subscriber. Writers who provide seductive scripts (with an endless appeal) for viral YouTubers can make a lot of money if they do it right.

Every time a video is watched for more than 30 seconds, YouTube pays 68% of ad revenue to YouTubers who link Google AdSense to their channels. A video creator earns $2,000 for every million views on another account.

Overall, YouTube provides a plethora of options for action takers rather than pleasure seekers. Given that the video-sharing website processes over 3 billion searches per month, the former provides the latter with something to learn or laugh about – and makes a lot of money from it.

But, to be honest, the value is what really matters. Neither your face nor your voice. If you think your voice or face isn’t nice enough, try this. You could also have someone else play the character while you create the content.

Frequently Asked Questions

2. Make a portfolio of your work. 1. Invest money in order to gain access to additional funds. 4. Begin working in a variety of skills. 5. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. 3. Expand your network.

6. Work as a user experience designer. 4. Take on the role of a virtual assistant. 3. Establish a brand and promote it through online retailers. 1. Begin to upload videos to YouTube. 2. Start your own blog and update it on a daily basis. 5. Make a living as a digital marketer.

Final Thoughts

There are two types of writers in the world, according to her: those whose writing has a positive net effect on their lives and businesses, and hobbyists. James Chartrand discusses why some people succeed as writers while others never will.

If you choose the former, writing that pays off, you will not be afraid to seize the bull by the horns. Will you join us?