ProWritingAid Review 2021: Don’t Buy Until You Read This!

If you’re unsure about some grammar rules, ProWritingAid can help you out, whether you’re a seasoned writer or just learning how to write documents like an essay, an academic paper, or even a cover letter. ProWritingAid is just one of the many proofreading tools available to help you improve your writing.

If you need more writing advice, such as blogging advice, go to This ProWritingAid review will show you how to relieve yourself of some writing responsibilities, such as proofreading. Let’s take a look at ProWritingAid’s features for the time being.

You will learn about the following topics on this page:

  • What is ProWritingAid and how does it work?
  • Features of ProWritingAid
  • Premium version of ProWritingAid
  • Review of ProWritingAid

What is ProWritingAid and how does it work?

It comes with basic and advanced editing tools that will teach you how to write like a pro. ProWritingAid is a grammar checker that can help you avoid not only silly but also serious writing errors. It’s ideal for content creators, editors, and writers.

In any case, it works on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Upwork, Yahoo, Gmail, and others. The tool is available as a browser extension that you can install. It’s compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and you can use it with any of them. As a result, you can make the most of it and benefit from its features. However, different add-ons may be required for different sites.

A Flesch Readability Ease score is also provided. ProWritingAid has an online editor that allows writers to proofread their work for free, similar to Grammarly, which has an online version and one that you can add to MS Word. As a result, you’ll be able to determine your article’s overall tone. Grammar, spelling, and sentence structure are all checked. The tool thoroughly examines items such as missing apostrophes or misspelled words.

Features of ProWritingAid

If the descriptions of ProWritingAid have piqued your interest, you may want to learn more about its capabilities. Check out this software’s best proofreading features.

Plagiarism Detector

Fortunately, ProWritingAid has a reliable plagiarism checker that alerts users to potentially plagiarized passages. To run their plagiarism checker, you can use their online tool or their Microsoft Word add-in. If you want to improve your online success and possibly earn six figures for your writing (Yes, it is possible! ), you must avoid plagiarism, which is completely unacceptable! They check your post against articles, journals, and other published works on the internet to ensure that it is unique.

As a result, you can rest assured that your information will not be copied or re-published by other authors. This feature is only available if you pay for it. Prices range from $10 for ten articles to $40 for 100 essays, $120 for 500 checks, and $200 for 1000 proofreadings. Aside from that, unlike other free online services, the site ensures that your data is not saved.

Check Your Spelling

It not only looks for visibly misspelled words, but also for words that don’t belong in the sentence. You’ll need ProWritingAid if you want to learn how to write faster because it checks your spelling for you–a task that slows down many writers. It also emphasizes the importance of contextual spelling. If you want to say “two” as in the number, but you wrote “to,” the tool will detect this type of error and suggest the correct spelling based on the context. It is, however, more than you might think.

In comparison to its competitors, this feature distinguishes it. This ensures that these nouns are thoroughly inspected and filtered as well. Proper nouns such as names and locations are not checked by other proofreading tools.

It also keeps track of all the acronyms you use. As a result, the next time you use them in a sentence, the tool will warn you that you are using them incorrectly.

Grammar and Spelling Checker

It works in the same way that your Word spelling and grammar checker does, by highlighting what appears to be incorrect. Punctuation, verb tenses, and structure are all checked. ProWritingAid also includes a powerful grammar checker. To detect grammatical errors, they employ Artificial Intelligence (AI).

They can also provide you with an Overused Word report. ” The tool will highlight this phrase and explain what needs to be changed. It looks for phrases or words that are repeated and suggests alternatives. It also alerts you if your post appears to contain a redundancy, such as the phrase “past history.”

Pronoun usage and referencing are also checked by the tool. As a result, if you don’t want to make this error, you can use this editing tool. Pronouns should make up only 4% to 15% of your article. However, writers frequently use this number in excess of the required number.

When you add Grammarly to Word, your sentences and word structure will be instantly corrected, allowing you to write like a pro. Grammarly can also be linked to your Microsoft Word Office.

Report on Readability

The Flesch Reading Ease score will be used to determine readability in this report. The readability of this tool is another factor to consider. ProWritingAid, like WordPress, has this feature as well. If you’re familiar with WordPress, you’ll notice that each article you publish includes a summary report. It will examine your post and give you an overall score as well as recommendations.

To avoid annoying readers, we all know that articles should have a variety of structures. As a result, some sentences should be short, while others should be long. ProWriting provides a word count overview of your sentence structures. Along with readability, sentence length should be checked. As a result, you’ll be able to tell if your article has too many short or long passages.

“in addition,” “moreover,” “furthermore,” “in contrast,” “in contrast,” “in contrast,” “in contrast,” “in contrast,&#8221 Don’t worry, this software will give you a lot of information about your transition words. As a result, you’ll know whether you need to add more or if you’re making good use of it. As a result, they must be used throughout your article.

Checker for consistency

When it comes to writing, consistency is also important. As a result, you’ll be aware if you’re switching languages in your article. It also determines whether you are speaking in British or American English. It’s tedious to read inconsistent writing styles, such as when to capitalize or hyphenate.

Checker for dialogue tags

All of your dialogue tags will be highlighted by the software. As a result, you can replace any that you believe do not belong in your post. As a result, you’ll be able to use tags to express emotions. This is also a useful tool for those who frequently use dialogues in their posts.

Thesaurus built-in

To use this feature, simply double-click on the word you want to look up synonyms for. Concerned about your vocabulary? What’s more, the tool took into account the context and only suggested words that fit the sentence. If you want to expand your vocabulary, this is a good place to start. Don’t worry; ProWritingAid comes with a built-in dictionary.

Is ProWritingAid a free service?

The free version, on the other hand, only provides limited support. Check out the following list: Yes, you can use ProWritingAid for free online. To create an account, simply go to and fill out the registration form.

  • provides a synopsis of the most pressing issues.
  • There are 19 writing reports included.
  • Only edits 500 words at a time.
  • Without access to the desktop version, it can only be used as an online editing tool.

Premium version of ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid also has a paid version in addition to the free one. The price varies depending on how many years you want to subscribe for, or you can go all-in and get lifetime access.

  • One-year access costs $50 or £60.
  • Access for two years costs $75 or â90.
  • Access for three years costs $100 or â120.
  • Lifetime access costs $175 or â210.

It is more affordable than other premium grammar checkers because it does not require a monthly subscription, and it typically costs between â20 and â30 per month.

This entails 50 checks each year. The plagiarism checker comes at an extra cost, starting at $10 for ten checks. Meanwhile, for an additional $10 or â10, you can purchase the ProWritingAid Premium Plus subscription.

ProWritingAid, on the other hand, only offers a refund to each customer once, so make sure you’re sure before signing up again. ProWritingAid, on the other hand, has a 14-day refund policy. So you can try it out, but if you don’t think it’s worth it, you can cancel your subscription and get a full refund within two weeks.

There are no word limits.

As a result, it can be used in longer articles. ProWritingAid users have no word limits and can run reports on their entire documents, whereas free users can only run reports on 500 words at a time.

Use across a variety of writing platforms

Users can edit where they write with ProWritingAid, which saves time.    &n It works with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Open Office, Scrivener, and even Google Chrome (as an extension), allowing you to edit wherever you are without losing your formatting.

Both Mac and Windows are supported.

   &n Premium subscribers have access to the desktop app for both operating systems. ProWritingAid is the only editing program that works on both Mac and Windows computers.

Directories should be opened.

   &n Premium users can use the desktop app to open entire folders as directories to access multiple documents at once. You won’t be able to jump back and forth between chapters or posts because of this.

Review of ProWritingAid

Take a look and see what you think. Some of them are listed below. ProWritingAid has both advantages and disadvantages.


  • Proofreading software is compatible with both American and British English.
  • Integrated into the Word app or the web browser
  • Provides a comprehensive set of grammatical and vocabulary corrections.
  • Premium version with no restrictions
  • Simple to use and set up


  • Quite pricey
  • A limited number of free copies are available.
  • Mobile devices are not supported.

Frequently Asked Questions

It has basic and advanced editing features that can assist you in writing correctly and effectively. ProWritingAid is just one of the many proofreading tools available to help you improve your writing.

A Flesch Readability Ease score is also provided. As a result, you’ll be able to determine your article’s overall tone. There are free and paid versions of ProWritingAid, which allows writers to proofread their work. The tool thoroughly examines items such as missing apostrophes or misspelled words. Grammar, spelling, and sentence structure are all checked.

Writers can benefit from ProWritingAid’s professional grammar checker. These include advanced features such as plagiarism detection, spelling, grammar, readability, consistency, and dialogue tags, as well as a thesaurus built-in.

final thoughts

Do we think it’s something we’d recommend to you? Overall, ProWritingAid is a professional grammar checker that writers will find useful. These have advanced features that you will undoubtedly enjoy.

The answer is a resounding yes. It is self-contained, and you will not require any additional tools to complete your article. Don’t be hesitant to use it because it offers excellent tools for improving your writing. It can, however, be a little pricey.

The reports not only help you catch grammar and spelling mistakes, but they also help you improve your overall writing craft, resulting in a stronger piece of work. Consider the reports provided by ProWritingAid as quantitative, granular insight into your work. A fantastic writing tool for business writers, fantastic writing blogs, book editors, and even first-time authors. The report on pacing is similar. It checks for plagiarism, inadvertent plagiarism, language errors, incorrect spelling and provides accurate spelling, Style suggestions, and basic grammar and grammar errors. It draws attention to passages in your text that have a slow pace.

It will act as a document checker, grammar issue, plagiarism checks, style issues, grammar errors, poor word choice, and checks the entire document for errors if you are an independent author. Other publishing tools can save it as a basic browser extension.

With this aid editing tool, you can create a fantastic writing blog and get help making editing decisions.  This greatly improves your writing style. With an inbuilt grammar checker and built-in plagiarism checker, this premium grammar checker will save you a lot of time as a professional or experienced editor.

You can’t go wrong with Prowritingaid if you’re a hobby writer, a curious writer, an everyday writer, or an indie writer. Unfortunately, to use this online grammar checker, you’ll need to be connected to the internet. Serves as a writing coach.

You may leave a comment below if you have any other questions or concerns about lifetime membership, lifetime licenses, or lifetime subscriptions. Plagiarism is a serious offense. Today, use this precise grammar checker! We hope this article provides you with the information you require.