How to Remove Grammarly (Step-by-Step Instructions)

The process of uninstalling Grammarly does not have to be difficult. Grammarly is one of the best writing tools out there, according to a recent Grammarly Review, and it can help you write content like a pro.

This software is used by not only writers, but also students and educators to improve the quality of their writing outputs. To get it right now, click this link! This tool is used by even the best writers to polish their work.

Perhaps you’re having problems with it, or it’s incompatible with other software you’ve installed. However, there will come a time when you will need to uninstall Grammarly.

Of course, some people would like to uninstall Grammarly because they are unhappy with the service and want it out of their system. It’s possible that you’ll find it to be superior to the free version. If this is the case, we recommend that you take a look at the Grammarly review for 2020 before deciding to uninstall. This issue is most common among those who use the free version.

Before purchasing Grammarly Premium, you can try it for free for 30 days.

You will learn about the following topics on this page:

  • Before Discarding Grammarly,
  • How to Remove Grammarly
  • Have You Unintentionally Removed Grammarly?

Before Discarding Grammarly,

Keep in mind that Grammarly can assist you with the following: This list of features might be able to assist you in deciding what to do next. Before you decide to uninstall Grammarly completely, go over its features once more.

  • Check Your Spelling
  • Checker for Repetitive Words
  • Grammar Checker (Critical)
  • Checker for Correct Punctuation
  • Plagiarism Checker is a tool that detects plagiarism.
  • Checks for specific writing styles by genre
  • Suggestions for Advanced Grammar
  • Suggestions for Vocabulary
  • Integration with Microsoft Office
  • Integration of a Web Browser

As you can see, Grammarly has a lot of potential for helping you improve the quality of your written work. To learn more about its features, click on this link! It helps you avoid plagiarism and allows you to expand your vocabulary, which is especially useful if you’re writing an academic paper. It’s not just a basic grammar and spelling checker.

You can also try one of three free Grammarly premium options. If, after reviewing Grammarly’s features, you still want to uninstall it, whether temporarily or permanently, here’s how to do so in the easiest and quickest way possible.

How to Remove Grammarly

Grammarly can be downloaded and installed on your computer’s web browser or operating system. Each platform would have step-by-step instructions. As a result, this 501 Words tutorial covers how to uninstall Grammarly from a variety of platforms.

How do I remove Grammarly from Google Chrome?

  1. Go to the green â€G†icon in the top right corner of the page in your Google Chrome web browser.
  2. To see the options, right-click on the green â€G†icon.
  3. Select â€Remove From Chrome†from the drop-down menu.
  4. A new pop-up window will appear. To confirm the action, click the â€Remove†button.

How to Remove Grammarly from Safari

  1. Launch the Safari browser.
  2. Click the gear icon in the browser’s top right corner.
  3. Select the â€Preference†option from the drop-down menu.
  4. To see the installed Safari extensions you recently installed, go to the â€Extensions†tab.
  5. To see what actions you can take with Grammarly, click on it.
  6. If you only want to disable Grammarly for the time being, uncheck the â€Enable†box.
  7. Instead, click the â€Uninstall†button to completely remove Grammarly.
  8. Confirm the action by clicking the â€Uninstall†button in the pop-up box once more.
  9. Remember to restart the Safari web browser for the changes to take full effect.

Grammarly should be uninstalled from Mozilla Firefox.

  1. On your computer or laptop, open the Mozilla Firefox web browser.
  2. Click the three-lined icon in the top right corner of the web browser to open it.
  3. Select the â€Add-ons†option from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select the â€Extensions†tab on the next page.
  5. On the page, you should now see all of the installed Firefox extensions.
  6. If you want to temporarily disable the Grammarly extension, locate it and click the “Disable” button.
  7. If you want it completely removed from Firefox, click the â€Remove†button.

Grammarly should be uninstalled from Microsoft Edge.

  1. Open the Microsoft Edge browser on your computer.
  2. Go to the menu of your web browser.
  3. Click the â€Extensions†button on the list.
  4. Now select Grammarly for Microsoft Edge from the drop-down menu. …
  5. Select â€Uninstall†from the drop-down menu.

Grammarly should be uninstalled from any Windows operating system.

  1. Point the mouse to the Windows button on the Windows taskbar.
  2. If you’re using Windows 8 or later, right-click on the Windows icon and select the “Search” tab.
  3. If you’re using Windows 7, simply left-click on the Windows icon and type something into the â€Search†bar.
  4. Type â€Control Panel†into the Search bar and press Enter.
  5. Locate and click on â€Programs and Features†to see all of the installed apps and software on your Windows system.
  6. Select Grammarly and then click the top-right â€Uninstall†button.
  7. This also works in Microsoft Office with Grammarly.

Grammarly should be uninstalled from your Mac.

  1. â€App Cleaner and Uninstaller†should be installed.
  2. When you install the app on your Mac, it will automatically scan for any installed apps, as well as their service files and extensions.
  3. From the list, select Grammarly.
  4. Uninstall the program by clicking the â€Uninstall†button.
  5. By clicking the â€Remove†button, you can confirm the removal.

Have You Unintentionally Removed Grammarly?

Meanwhile, if you unintentionally deleted Grammarly from your browser or computer, don’t worry; you can reinstall it just as easily as you uninstalled it. Simply go to the Grammarly website and download the Grammarly for browser and Grammarly for MS Word installers.

You’d like to reclaim your Grammarly?

You can easily reinstall it, as previously stated. Don’t worry if you suddenly realize that you really need Grammarly back in your system. Furthermore, your login information will not be lost. You can still log in with your old credentials.

If you want Grammarly but can’t afford it, there are several ways to get Grammarly Premium for free. It’s worth noting that you’ll have to complete some tasks to get this, but it’s worth a shot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Step 3: Hover your mouse over the Grammarly logo. There will be a drop-down box. Step 2: Look in the top right corner for the Extension area. Step 1: Go to the website where you want Grammarly to be disabled. “Check for writing suggestions” should be turned off.

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It’s simple to comprehend and follow because it’s well-explained. This article will be extremely useful to anyone who needs to install or uninstall Grammarly.

While Grammarly has vanished from the Extensions menu in Firefox, a very annoying message now appears whenever a text box appears, saying “You haven’t activated Grammarly yet” How do I get rid of that?

It’s something I rely on. Unfortunately, I’m not going to uninstall Grammarly because I don’t like it. However, Grammarly has stopped working in Word for some inexplicable reason around the 100,000-word mark. So wish me luck with this project because I’m about to give up and cancel my premium subscription. I’ve been trying to fix it for over two months, with the help of numerous blogs, techies, and Grammarly employees.