Exercising Effective Writing for Millennials in 2020 (Examples)

Is it possible to write for millennials? That is the primary reason for the importance of writing for Millennials. In fact, as of July 2019, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that Millennials had surpassed Baby Boomers as America’s largest generation by population. Not sure how to reach out to other demographics while focusing on millennials? But, before we can figure out how to write for millennials, we have to figure out who they are.

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You will learn about the following topics on this page:

  • What exactly are Millennials?
  • Learn how to write for Millennials.
  • 1. Create visually appealing writing for Millennials.
  • 2. Keep it short and sweet
  • 3. Make it social media shareable.
  • 4. When writing for millennials, use a friendly tone.
  • 5. Double-check your work.
  • 6. Make sure it’s up to date and global.
  • 7. When writing for Millennials, pay attention to readability.

What exactly are Millennials?

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are the generation that comes after Generation X and before Generation Z. Also, take a look at the chart below to see who belongs to the Baby Boomer, Generation X, and Generation Z generations. In addition, according to the Pew Research Centre, millennials are defined as people born between 1981 and 1996.

As of July 2019, the following were the major generations and their populations in the United States:

  • 72.1 million people in their twenties and thirties are known as millennials.
  • 71.6 million Baby Boomers
  • 65.2 million members of Generation X

The population of Generation X is expected to surpass that of the Baby Boomers by 2028.

Learn how to write for Millennials.

What distinguishes writing for millennials from other generations? Millennials’ purchasing power is estimated to be $170 billion; on average, each millennial sends 20 texts per day, and 80% of them sleep with their phone next to them. Doesn’t that sound intriguing? 14% of them use Twitter specifically, and 88% of them use at least one social media network.

So tapping this generation is crucial, and other generations won’t mind if you try to tap them. Generation X and Baby Boomers, on the other hand, are less open to digital technology and social media. Millennials are bombarded with information from Google, emails, social media, and the news, despite their short attention span. More than half of them believe that technology aids them in making better use of their time. Millennials are well-educated, outgoing, tech-savvy, and believe in online communication that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

1. Create visually appealing writing for Millennials.

A poorly designed website can be mistaken for a hoax, and users will not trust it. The younger generation regards cluttered, disorganized content as unprofessional and dislikes dealing with it. Internet users judge a website in one-fifth of a second, according to Hubspot. Furthermore, when visiting a website, professionally designing the website can earn you a lot of brownie points. As a result, you should write in a visually appealing, neat, and tidy manner, with high-quality content.

2. Keep it short and sweet

In short, write what they want to read so that more millennials come to your website and want to learn more about it. When it comes to finding specific information, millennials want quick, specific, and precise responses. Another important point is to use reliable sources for your content. As a result, make sure the title and description are accurate and relevant to the content. They don’t want cool, fantasy stories or a lot of equivocation.

3. Make it social media shareable.

So, whether you’re providing them with an app, a blog, or a video, make sure you give them easy ways to share it on social media. They can be a valuable asset in your word-of-mouth marketing campaign. On social media, millennials are known for bragging about their hobbies and interesting content.

Having a nice thumbnail or page on your website will encourage people to share it on social media and bring in new visitors. To keep them coming back to your website, use an easy-to-remember website URL and a well-polished website.

4. When writing for millennials, use a friendly tone.

As a result, use a conversational tone that is also easy to read. So try to keep it short and sweet while using a conversational tone that encourages learning. They are not robots; they speak and write like humans. When Millennials read or watch something, they don’t want to be preached at; instead, they want to learn something and take something away with them. Don’t use difficult words that will require them to look up a dictionary, which no one has time for.

5. Double-check your work.

You certainly don’t want to be trolled, do you? Haters are going to hate. Get more information about the content from your family or friends who are in the same age group as you. Millennials are vehemently opposed to people who make grammatical or spelling errors. This will not only assist you in improving, but it may also provide you with some novel ideas. So make sure you edit your blog, vlog, or even your social media posts before launching them.

6. Make sure it’s up to date and global.

Despite the fact that millennials are known for having short attention spans, it is critical to emphasize important points. So, once you’ve gotten their attention, make sure your writing is up to date on the latest trends and is written from a global perspective. Attempt to capture their attention right away so that they can read your content completely.

7. When writing for Millennials, pay attention to readability.

Maintain a conversational tone, even if they are ardent supporters of authenticity and anti-advertising. Also, because they like pop culture, if you can write a serious topic with real-life examples and meme references, they’ll love you. They’ll keep coming back to you once you’ve mastered the art of writing for millennials. Make certain that your writing is readable and that they can easily access it.

Understanding the needs, interests, and attitudes of millennials is essential when writing for them. But, if you follow the advice above, you’ll be able to write for them in no time. It’s difficult to get their attention in today’s Internet world, where a thousand search results are just a click away. Once millennials accept you, the rest of the generations will follow suit.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

What is millennial freelance writing?

You want to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. As millennials, you may believe that you have a wealth of knowledge and skills at your disposal. Various websites such as ‘Fiverr‘, ‘Freelancer‘, and ‘Peopleperhour’ can help you find jobs such as SEO optimization, website design, content writing, app development, or providing resume writing services to a wide range of clients. You can also start making money with just your computer! Then you can start working as a freelance writer. You believe your salary is insufficient. But what if you can’t keep a full-time job and strike a work-life balance?

The Advantages of Freelance Writing:

  • Work-life balance is important.
  • Work schedules that are flexible
  • Enhancement of abilities
  • Have a variety of income streams
  • Have a better job satisfaction rate
  • Following your dreams
  • You have a lot of free time to spend with your family and hobbies.

Is it worthwhile to pursue Millennials as clients? Is it true that they have money?

Millennials are the wealthiest generation and are currently in the spending phase. They’ll be your clients. Do you think people between the ages of 24 and 39 will be able to afford to become your customers? If you have something tangible to offer them and they have enough disposable income, they will buy it. The only stipulation is that you provide them with something worthwhile to purchase. In fact, it would be easier to persuade a Millennial to buy something than it would be to persuade a Generation X to buy something.

What happens when they are no longer considered millennials?

Even as they get older, this particular group continues to act in fundamentally the same ways. As a result, even if someone turns 40, they will still be a millennial because their birth year cannot be changed. Our conversation exemplifies what it means to be a millennial. These generations are now divided by their birth year rather than their age. As a result, if you can tap them once, you’ll be able to reap the benefits for a long time.

What can I add to the aforementioned writing advice for millennials?

This could be done via a ‘Contact Us’ form, an email address, a phone number, or even a physical address. It not only helps you save money, but it also solves problems without you having to go to them directly. This could be extremely beneficial to you. Make sure to include a FAQ section when writing for millennials. You can also provide a way for people to contact you. Did you know that 41% of millennials read FAQs before contacting customer service?

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final thoughts

Writing for millennials differs from writing for other generations in most ways. Don’t miss out on this chance to write for the largest demographic group in terms of age! You’re missing out if you’re not tapping into them. You can also save this page as a reference for writing for them in the future. They are a huge market, thanks to their iPhones, selfies, and social media presence. As a result, it’s critical to write for them using all of the tips in this guide. Begin tapping this demographic today to reap immediate and long-term benefits.